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Cipher Systems


Counter Espionage & Counter Intelligence Cipher Systems. 

The Highest Level of Cyber Defense for Secret Critical Data

Mathematically Unbreakable Quantum Safe Encryption. Anti Interception. Anti Espionage. Anti Hacking. Anti Spyware . Anti Digital Forensic Data Extraction. Immune to Online Attacks. 

Data Cyber Defense Solutions for protecting the private sector against Commercial Cyber Espionage. 

Store Top Secret Data on Clouds and Servers

Tailored and Sophisticated  Counter Intelligence Solutions for High-Profile Individuals, CEOs, VIPs, Corporate & Institutional .


Store Classified Files on any Mobile or Desktop Device 

The QST  Systems can’t be penetrated by Digital Forensic Extraction Tolls , they are immune to online hacking and cyber attacks , remote spyware or malware infections. 



"Data That Cannot Be Read Is Useless to Cyber Criminals "


Share Top Secret Information Online 


Any type of  information that has been encrypted on QST Systems can be securely shared online or transmitted , on any platform, network and system.

Full Immunity from Online Cyber Attacks

If you need Absolute Secrecy over your top classified communications, sensitive data storage and confidential file transfers, we offer the most sophisticated encryption technologies and advanced know how in the field.  In scenarios where the stakes are elevated, the Crygma Encryption Technology is Impenetrable and can’t be deciphered.

The Crygma Cipher System in Just 19 Seconds 
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