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No login info for entering the platform 

The User needs to enter a "Secret Passphrase"

This Passphrase is not a password 

The passphrase inserted, along with our encryption algorithms creates on the spot 4 different encryption keys that will be used for encrypting the data, with 4 different symmetric encryption systems, in 4 consecutives times, it means each file is encrypted 4 times, with 4 different encryption keys, and 4 different encryption systems

The + sign below the passphrase windows allows multiple people to participate in the encryption of the data, what is called "Multi Signature" scenario , where two or more user encrypt the same data, while no one knows the passphrase of the other person and for then decrypting the joint encrypted file, both of them will have to insert their own secret phrase

Screenshot (1514).png
The Passphrase can be written in any language with any letters or symbols

When Encrypting Data to be stored it is important to memorize the passphrase otherwise the data encrypted cannot be deciphered, there is no backup, anywhere 

When sending an encrypted file to a third party, upon its arrival, in order for them to decipher the data,  they will need the same exact encryption system, and they will need to insert the same passphrase, this is called "Pre Shared Secret". Ways to create pre shared passphrases will be discussed later 

You now entered the main dashboard, and you can choose between encrypting or decrypting 

Any type of file can be encrypted, in addition you can encrypt instantly text messages, videos and audio messages taken on the spot 
You type the text message, click encrypt and the encrypted message shows up, you can opt to copy the encrypted text, paste it and send it ( for example on an email) or you can scan, take a  picture, copy, save or share the QR code generated, that actually is the actual text message. 

The advantage of the QR code is that the transfer of the encrypted data , out of the Cipher Machine is done visually ( by scanning) , without any physical connection needed, what is called "Pure Air Gapped" Transfer

Sending an Ultra Encrypted Message to a third party, online, without ever actually sending him anything!


The sender encrypt a text message on his Offline Cipher Machine, scan the QR code with his internet connected device and share the QR code on an anonymous account on any social media. Then the receiver just needs to reach that post and scan the QR code shared with his Offline Cipher Machine and read the plain text message.


Let's encrypt a file !

You click on the main dashboard " encrypt / file " 

Then you choose a file to encrypt from your folders on the cipher machine,
you click encrypt and you will see the encrypted file with extension ".dbenc" . 

You can now save the encrypted file on the device or share it in different ways,
in this below example it has been send by Gmail. 
Screenshot (1523).png
Let's now choose to encrypt an image and an audio message. 

Both can be executed in two ways: 

either you choose from your saved files, an image or audio file to encrypt , or you take a picture on the spot or register an audio message in real time and then device if to store or share the encrypted files generated.
Screenshot_20230301-120826_Package installer.jpg
The same as Encryption, you have the opposite option of "Decryption". 

You can choose to decrypt an encrypted text received or a file.

You can opt to decipher encrypted files received in the form of a QR code. 

And of course you can decrypt files stored already on your cipher machine.  

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